The formattingtagform provides an Tag Edit facility. The Base set are protected and included each time loaded. Custom tags can be defined and saved. The Custom Tag arrays are saved in a json string so QSettings works on them. Base Tags cannot be changed.

class openlp.core.ui.formattingtagform.EditColumn[source]

Bases: object

Hides the magic numbers for the table columns

Description = 0
EndHtml = 3
StartHtml = 2
Tag = 1
class openlp.core.ui.formattingtagform.FormattingTagForm(parent)[source]

Bases: PyQt5.QtWidgets.QDialog, openlp.core.ui.formattingtagdialog.Ui_FormattingTagDialog, openlp.core.ui.formattingtagcontroller.FormattingTagController

The FormattingTagForm manages the settings tab .


Update Custom Tag details if not duplicate and save the data.


Load Display and set field state.

on_current_cell_changed(cur_row, cur_col, pre_row, pre_col)[source]

This function processes all user edits in the table. It is called on each cell change.


Delete selected custom row.


Add a new tag to edit list and select it for editing.


Table Row selected so display items and set field state.