The importer modules provides the general song import functionality.

class openlp.plugins.songs.lib.importer.SongFormat[source]

Bases: object

This is a special static class that holds an enumeration of the various song formats handled by the importer, the attributes of each song format, and a few helper functions.

Required attributes for each song format:

Import class, e.g. OpenLyricsImport
Name of the format, e.g. 'OpenLyrics'
Prefix for Qt objects. Use mixedCase, e.g. 'openLyrics' See SongImportForm.add_file_select_item()

Optional attributes for each song format:

Whether song format importer is disablable. If True, then 'disabledLabelText' must also be defined.
Whether song format importer is available.
Whether format accepts single file, multiple files, or single folder (as per SongFormatSelect options).
File extension filter for QFileDialog.

Optional/custom text Strings for SongImportForm widgets:

Combo box selector (default value is the format’s 'name').
Required for disablable song formats.
Title for QFileDialog (default includes the format’s 'name').
Message displayed if is_valid_source() returns False.
Short description (1-2 lines) about the song format.
CCLI = 3
ChordPro = 4
DreamBeam = 5
EasySlides = 6
EasyWorshipDB = 7
EasyWorshipService = 9
EasyWorshipSqliteDB = 8
FoilPresenter = 10
Generic = 2
Lyrix = 11
MediaShout = 12
OPSPro = 14
OpenLP2 = 1
OpenLyrics = 0
OpenSong = 13
PowerPraise = 15
PowerSong = 16
PresentationManager = 17
ProPresenter = 18
SongBeamer = 19
SongPro = 20
SongShowPlus = 21
SongsOfFellowship = 22
SundayPlus = 23
Unknown = -1
VideoPsalm = 24
WordsOfWorship = 25
WorshipAssistant = 26
WorshipCenterPro = 27
ZionWorx = 28
static get(song_format, *attributes)[source]

Return requested song format attribute(s).

  • song_format – A song format from SongFormat.
  • attributes – Zero or more song format attributes from SongFormat.

Return type depends on number of supplied attributes:

0:Return dict containing all defined attributes for the format.
1:Return the attribute value.
>1:Return tuple of requested attribute values.
static get_format_list()[source]

Return a list of the supported song formats.

static set(song_format, attribute, value)[source]

Set specified song format attribute to the supplied value.

class openlp.plugins.songs.lib.importer.SongFormatSelect[source]

Bases: object

This is a special enumeration class listing available file selection modes.

MultipleFiles = 1
SingleFile = 0
SingleFolder = 2