The opspro module provides the functionality for importing a OPS Pro database into the OpenLP database.

class openlp.plugins.songs.lib.importers.opspro.OPSProImport(manager, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: openlp.plugins.songs.lib.importers.songimport.SongImport

The OPSProImport class provides the ability to import the WorshipCenter Pro Access Database


Receive a single file to import.


Extract password from mdb. Based on code from http://tutorialsto.com/database/access/crack-access-*.-mdb-all-current-versions-of-the-password.html


Replace OPS Pro translation tags with a {translation} tag

Parameters:verse_text – the verse text
Returns:the verse text with replaced tags
process_song(song, lyrics, topics)[source]

Create the song, i.e. title, verse etc.

The OPS Pro format is a fairly simple text format using tags and anchors/labels. Linebreaks are

Double linebreaks are slide dividers. OPS Pro support dual language using tags. Tags are in [], see the liste below: [join] are used to separate verses that should be keept on the same slide. [split] or [splits] can be used to split a verse over several slides, while still being the same verse Dual language tags: [trans off] or [vertaal uit] turns dual language mode off for the following text [trans on] or [vertaal aan] turns dual language mode on for the following text [taal a] means the following lines are language a [taal b] means the following lines are language b