The worshipassistant module provides the functionality for importing Worship Assistant songs into the OpenLP database.

class openlp.plugins.songs.lib.importers.worshipassistant.WorshipAssistantImport(manager, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: openlp.plugins.songs.lib.importers.songimport.SongImport

The WorshipAssistantImport class provides the ability to import songs from Worship Assistant, via a dump of the database to a CSV file.

The following fields are in the exported CSV file:

  • SONGNR Song ID (Discarded by importer)
  • TITLE Song title
  • AUTHOR Song author.
  • COPYRIGHT Copyright information
  • FIRSTLINE Unknown (Discarded by importer)
  • PRIKEY Primary chord key (Discarded by importer)
  • ALTKEY Alternate chord key (Discarded by importer)
  • TEMPO Tempo (Discarded by importer)
  • FOCUS Unknown (Discarded by importer)
  • THEME Theme (Discarded by importer)
  • SCRIPTURE Associated scripture (Discarded by importer)
  • ACTIVE Boolean value (Discarded by importer)
  • SONGBOOK Boolean value (Discarded by importer)
  • TIMESIG Unknown (Discarded by importer)
  • INTRODUCED Date the song was created (Discarded by importer)
  • LASTUSED Date the song was last used (Discarded by importer)
  • TIMESUSED How many times the song was used (Discarded by importer)
  • CCLINR CCLI Number
  • USER1 User Field 1 (Discarded by importer)
  • USER2 User Field 2 (Discarded by importer)
  • USER3 User Field 3 (Discarded by importer)
  • USER4 User Field 4 (Discarded by importer)
  • USER5 User Field 5 (Discarded by importer)
  • ROADMAP Verse order used for the presentation
  • FILELINK1 Associated file 1 (Discarded by importer)
  • OVERMAP Verse order used for printing (Discarded by importer)
  • FILELINK2 Associated file 2 (Discarded by importer)
  • LYRICS The song lyrics used for printing (Discarded by importer, LYRICS2 is used instead)
  • INFO Unknown (Discarded by importer)
  • LYRICS2 The song lyrics used for the presentation
  • BACKGROUND Custom background (Discarded by importer)

Receive a CSV file to import.